Team Arm & Badger student members (from left to right): Martin Pfeiffer, Jake Keleny, Jackson Potter, Nicole Zabel

Team Arm & Badger: A Hand Powered Vehicle

This website provides links to places with information on Team Arm & Badger's "Hand Powered Vehicle". This vehicle was designed and built by a team of mechanical engineering undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin Madison from September 2006 to June 2007.

The vehicle was entered in the 2007 ASME Human Powered Vehicle Competition (East Coast) under team number "13". It won first place in the design category for utility vehicles and third overall place in the utility rider event.

Genearl Links:

HPVC Team @ UW Madison


Overall Ranking
Design Category Ranking


Frank E. Pfefferkorn (Assistant Professor)
Heidi-Lynn Ploeg (Assistant Professor)

Technical Details

Technical reports are available upon request from Martin Pfeiffer (martin DOT pfeiffer AT gmail DOT com).